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Dekorwachs Transparente Töne

Transparent and intensively coloured designs – the all-round talent for interior wood! Transparent or intensive, satin or matt, for the interior Highly recommended for furniture and children's toys, flooring*, walls, ceilings, doors, mouldings, beams and edge-glued panels Wood Wax Finish results in a water and dirt-resistant surface. It is wipe-proof and stain-resistant. As colouring primer for wooden flooring, apply only one coat. Once completely dried, apply the final top coat with clear Polyx®-Oil Original. All Wood Wax Finishes can be mixed with each other or with the clear Polyx®-Oil Original. Use directly or as the basis for creative colour tones. Number of coats: for a transparent finish, one coat, for an intenstively coloured surface, apply two coats. Can sizes: 0.125 l; 0.375 l; 0.75 l; 2.50 l; 25 l 1 litre covers approx. 24 m2 with one coat. * for flooring, a final top coat with Polyx®-Oil is recommended.